Betrayal by Harold Pinter

21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29 January 2023

Blue Box, M Space - Msida

Reviews on Betrayal:

“This production deserves to be applauded as an outstandingly mature and touching piece of theatre. Long may we keep seeing more of this. A very well done to all” - Andre Delicata, The Sunday Times of Malta

“Masquerade’s Betrayal delivers on all counts, Moore directing a skilful cast that does justice to the nuance required by Pinter’s famed economical way with dialogue” - Ramona Depares

“Brilliant performances. It was such a pleasure to watch. Bravi. (if you haven’t seen this yet, today is your last chance!!)” - Adrian Mamo

“Excellent acting and a great performance. Congratulations” - Peter Bond

“Bravi bravi bravi, really enjoyed every second of this play. Brilliant acting all round and that sublime violin…simply amazing. Still thinking about it’’ - Steve Muscat Azzopardi

“I advise people to go and watch it. I did and I promise you it’s a masterpiece’’ - Andreana Borg

“Superb! Really enjoyed it, well done!! - Victoria Sciberras Herrera

“Excellent production. Prosit!’’ - Olaf Rieck

“Great performances. Do not miss!” - Alexander Schembri

“Well done, a very good production. Prosit to all the actors.’’ - Connie Azzopardi

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