29 August 2022

Some are more equal than others


Masquerade Malta opens the season in Blue Box with George Orwell’s classic, Animal Farm.

Old Major, the prize boar, calls the animals of Manor Farm together; she has had a strange dream of a better future. Is it simply a dream or a vision of things to come?

George Orwell’s world-famous fable tells the of the perils of revolution, its aftermath and has given the world the immortal phrase: "Some are more equal than others."

Re-imagined by Youth Theatre Masquerade and directed by Ian Moore, this young actors company offer a dynamic, daring and contemporary take on a timeless story.

This brand-new production remains faithful to Orwell's original, retaining both its affection for the animals and the incisiveness of its message. There will be 2 shows on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October at Blue Box, M Space in Msida. Tickets at € 15.00. Suitable for ages 11+yrs. Duration: 70min

This project is supported by Arts Council Malta.

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