18 November 2022

BLACK FRIDAY Golden Panto Tickets


Black Friday Golden Tickets for Cikku and the Chocolate Panto. We have extended our Early Bird offer on tickets to the end of November.

Ċikku and the Chocolate Panto is the story of young Ċikku, a penniless young man who lives with his mother in a giant bajtra. Luckily his fortunes change when he finds a coveted golden ticket to visit Willy Wonder’s famous Chocolate Panto along with a group of other winners. Unfortunately, everything isn’t quite so splendiferous when he discovers that the show’s protagonist, the glamorous Diva Divine, is actually a frightsome witch who wants to destroy all the children in the audience!

Will Ċikku and his new friends succeed in exposing Diva for the horrible person that she is and turn her own magic against her?

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