When This is Over

“A group of people stand on stage and tell stories from different stages of their lives.”

4th & 5th December 2021

Blue Box - M Space, Msida



When This Is Over is a play in which young people tell the stories of their lives. It is centered on what has happened to them in the past, who they are right now, and who they want to be in the future. It is a play about those pivotal moments that change your life forever.

UK Youth-theatre Organisation, Company Three has invited Youth Theatre Masquerade (YTM) to create their own, unique version of When This Is Over.

This is a semi-devised piece aimed at giving a voice to Youths. It's a chance to amplify the voices of a pivotal generation at a pivotal time, so that their stories can inform the decisions we take about the future. The story starts wherever they think their personal story starts. That could be years before their birth or the moment they arrived on this planet. They tell the stories of their infant years, their time at school, as teenagers, during lockdown, right up until the present moment, in the room, right now. After that, the performers keep going, describing the moments immediately after the play (even though it’s still happening), the day after, the day after that – on and on through their futures – their jobs, their relationships, their midlife crises – right the way through to their deaths.

The stories finish whenever the performers want them to end. That could be at their moment of death, or thousands of years later.

When This is Over is directed by Petra Sant and is a devised piece performed by Youth Theatre Masquerade Company.

4, 5 December 2021

Blue Box – M Space

Ticket Hotline 79793737

Running time: 1hr

Suitable for an audience 13 years and over.

Cast & Creatives

  • Petra Sant (Director)
  • Youth Theatre Masquerade Company
  • Adele Pace
  • Aaliyah Grech Delceppo
  • Benjamin Tonna
  • Bertha Farrugia
  • Bianca Casaletto
  • Clara Abdilla Joslin
  • Filippa Mizzi
  • Francesca Mizzi
  • Julia Balzan
  • Kristina Catania
  • Kurt Zammit
  • Louisa Degabriele
  • Mathea Martin
  • Megan Attard
  • Melissa Mercieca
  • Michelle Chetcuti
  • Naomi Scicluna
  • Shirley Agius

Tickets @ Euro 12 each

Booking open

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