Venus In Fur

“Vanda (as Dunayev): I want to see what Woman will be when she ceases to be man's slave. When she has the same rights as he, when she's his equal in education and his partner in work. When she becomes herself. An individual.” ― David Ives, Venus in Fur

24, 25, 26 February & 3, 4, 5 March 2017

Blue Box, M Space - Msida

Venus in Fur, by renowned playwright David Ives, is a provocatively sexy show in which a young actress is determined to land the lead in a new play based on the classic erotic novel Venus in Fur. During her audition, she gets caught up in an electrifying game of cat and mouse with the director, blurring the line between fantasy and reality and testing the boundaries between dominance and submission.

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