Second Person Narrative

Who is in control of your life story? Can you actually choose your destiny? And how do you forge your own identity along the way?

29 & 30 November 2019

Blue Box, M Space - Msida


You’re born a girl. You grow up. You grow old. You die. But along the way can you really forge your own identity? Can you actually choose your own destiny? And who is genuinely in control of your story? Follow the story of YOU, starting at her birth, and ending at her death more than 80 year later. See her grow up, make friends, get jobs, form relationships, win awards, buy clothes, make mistakes, have a child, discover herself, and enjoy a good laugh. She is simultaneously an extraordinary and entirely ordinary person.

Running time: 1 hour

Suitable for an audience 14 years and over

Cast: Youth Theatre Masquerade Company 2019-20

YTM is a new and dynamic theatre group made up of up-and-coming artists and performers with a strong passion for theatre. The group is more than just a company, it is a youth hub where all come together as one family, build friendships, share ideas, grow and learn, and become more artistic and innovative individuals.

The group’s ultimate goal is to help spark a connection between people and theatre, so that every individual can take part in the many different journeys of emotions, ideas and stories that theatre can provide.

Director: Petra Sant

Cast & Creatives

All tickets at Eur 10 on Friday & Eur 12 on Saturday

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