Girls Like That (Schools Edition)

"The problem with girls like that is that they ruin it for everyone."

Ongoing till end May 2017

Blue Box, M Space, Msida

girls LIKE that is a play that explores the pressures of young people today in the wake of advancing technology. Teenagers and technology collide with terrifying consequences as the play challenges the notions of body image, sexuality and cyber-bullying. These girls have been together since they were five. Now sixteen, and subject more than ever to peer pressure and even more exposed to social media, they react violently when the photo of one of them, naked, goes viral around the school. The toll on mental health and confidence is huge.

THEMES COVERED: The play deals with a number of points mentioned in the teaching handbook of the Social Studies and PSCD curricula such as the concepts of helping others or not, of being part of a group, of having friends or not, getting along with people, group dynamics and promoting decision-making. This plays shows how people should be aware of the consequences of their actions and being aware of the terrifying possibilities through irresponsible use of social media.

A Masquerade Theatre Company Production, the play is written by Evan Placey and directed by Polly March. 

DATES: Ongoing till end May 2017

2nd May @ 12.15pm Venue: St. Dorothys Convent, Zebbug

5th May @ 10.00am Venue: Agenzija Zaghzagh, St.Venera 

9th May @ 9.00am Venue: St. Martins College, Swatar

AGE: 13+

PRICE: 5.00 EUR/student covered by Culture Pass. A workshop/discussion related to what the students would have experienced during the performance will follow.

Booking open on a first come, first served basis

Schools interested in watching this production are to e-mail us on or call 21246644 / 21246619.

Cast & Creatives

Eur 5.00/student covered by Culture Pass

Booking Now Open call 21246644 / 21246619

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