Aunt Maggity's Dark & Stormy Night

“Feel the burn, Humphries!”

Sunday 06th May 2018

Blue Box, M Space - Msida

Masquerade's Junior Company presents Aunt Maggity’s Dark and Stormy Night that follows the story of Aunt Maggity, her loyal staff, and her family.  Maggity, a horror novelist lives up on an isolated mountaintop, keeps black widows in the bathroom, stuffed cobras on her writing desk and a heartbreaking secret just under the surface, invites her  four estranged nieces — Lavinia the C.E.O., Lola and Chloe, the NY fashion designers; and Francine, the amateur boxer — to her home for the reading of their parents’ will.  On top of that, a rodeo clown who’s hiding something shows up in need of a place to stay for the night.  Obviously, chaos and and a whole lot of family drama ensues. As if all the relationships and secrets weren’t enough, more mystery enters the scene when one of the nieces disappears and Dreardon, the butler, is pushed down the mountain.  This play has it all — from creepy spiders, suspense, and comedic chaos comes a sense of familial love, forgiveness, and what just might be the first happy ending in Aunt Maggity’s career.

Duration: 50 Minutes

Cast & Creatives

All seats at EUR 8.00 each

Tickets available from Masquerade

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