Animal Farm

"Some are more equal than others."

8th & 9th October 2022

Blue Box - M Space, Msida

Old Major, the prize boar, calls the animals of Manor Farm together; she has had a strange dream of a better future. Is it simply a dream or a vision of things to come?

George Orwell’s world-famous fable tells of the perils of revolution, its aftermath and has given the world the immortal phrase: "Some are more equal than others."

Re-imagined by award-winning Masquerade and directed by Ian Moore, their young actors company offer a dynamic, daring and contemporary take on a timeless story.

This brand-new production remains faithful to Orwell's original, retaining both its affection for the animals and the incisiveness of its message.

Venue: Blue Box at M Space Shows: Saturday 8th October at 7.30pm & Sunday 9th October at 6.00pm

Ticket Prices: € 15.00 (includes VAT & Booking Fee)

There will also be morning shows on Thursday 6th & Friday 7th October for schools. Please send an email to for full details.

Suitable for an audience 11 years and over

Duration: 70min

This project is supported by Arts Council Malta.


Cast & Creatives

  • Ian Moore (Director)
  • Adele Pace
  • Adrian Farrugia
  • Amelie Calleja
  • Clara Abdilla Joslin
  • Claudia Santamaria
  • David Bartolo
  • Elisa Andrea Muscat
  • Emma Farrugia
  • Ethan Galea
  • Francesca Mizzi
  • Isaac Mifsud
  • Kate Arrigo
  • Matthew Bezzina
  • Enya Jakobsen
  • Julian Grech
  • Mariah Debattista
  • Maxine Anastasi
  • Sage Agius
  • Thea Sultana
  • Yasmine Capar
  • Director: Ian Moore
  • Costumes: Nicole Cuschieri
  • Graphic Design: Mikhail Basmadjan
  • Make-up: Krista Paris
  • Lights/Sound: Nico Muscat

Eur 15 each

Booking is now open.

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