27 September 2019

Introduction to Music


A child’s first step into the world of music.

Through play and song, students will be introduced to music fundamentals, while nurturing an early admiration to it. Such activities include playing through rhythm, music appreciation, instrumentation, and sing-alongs, all tailored for their age. Body movement is incorporated in every activity, which will ensure that every lesson will be fun and full of energy, while aiding their understanding of every activity. These lessons are aimed to instil a love for music at a young age, while learning musical concepts which will improve every child’s creative and artistic side.


5.00-6.00PM AGES 3-5YRS

6.00-7.00PM AGES 4-6YRS

Our tutor: Luke Cucciardi was introduced to the world of music from a young age with Classical Piano and Music Theory. In 2017 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Music Studies at the University of Malta, specializing in Music Composition. Luke also has a passion for technology, which is reflected in his compositional works, producing soundscapes and compositions for various theatre and dance performances. Notable works include Skylight (October 2017, MADC), Pandora’s Box (November 2017, Moveo Dance Company), Is-Serra (April 2018, Teatru Malta), and Jean, Where Memories Lived (May 2018, ToiToi Collective under Teatru Manoel).

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