06 October 2018



The Music Studio @ MASQUERADE

DRUM lessons are held on an individual basis and will include a variety of different aspects of drumming, from learning how to properly hold the sticks to understanding and applying ergonomic techniques and mastering the kit. There will be a focus on musicality, appreciating different genres, styles and concepts as well as learning how to read music notation.

STEFAN TATE is a musician who has been active in the local music scene since the early 90s. He has worked with and performed with local musicians both locally and abroad. He started off his music studies at the Johan Strauss School of Music, where he was exposed to many different genres of music and gained a lot of experience. During his early years he also studied with many of the high profile drummers which helped him to appreciate and broaden his musical tastes and abilities. He started off working with local bands in the rock and pop scenes playing gigs in many venues and festivals held all around Malta. Back in the year 2000 he also formed part of an event called “2000 rhythms”, playing alongside local and foreign renowned musicians. Stefan has performed in many different musically oriented events be it gigs inside local venues to forming part of a small orchestra accompanying a play. When it comes to drumming and music, Stefan’s philosophy is that one must expose oneself to as many styles of music as possible, enjoy it and give it your all.

New slots are now available on Saturday afternoons starting October!!

Call us today on 7979 3737 or info@masquerademalta.com

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