15 February 2017

​VOCAL MASTERCLASS - The Voice as an Instrument​


Saturday 1st April 5pm @ M Space

Every style of music, every song, contains a recipe with a lot of characteristics and concepts.

Although we might grasp these concepts we do not always use them efficiently when we perform.

The colour of our voice, the way we articulate a word, the use of rhythmic resources in the phrases, improvisation: these are just some of the starting points that can help us enhance our performance. There will also be a focus on health measures that should be taken as performers.

You will need to prepare 2 songs of a minute each. One song should be something you would like to work on and the other song can be something you are comfortable singing. Take into consideration your vocal range and style. Please come prepared, knowing your lyrics and also provide a backing track on your phone/ I pod. Students will perform their chosen piece to the class and will receive feedback from the guest. Listening to each other's critiques will give students the opportunity to, not only learn from each other, but also to think more critically.

Our guest will be PAMELA GAUNA.

Pamela Gauna was born in Paraná, Argentina in 1980. She is a singer, dancer, choreographer and performer. She studied Journalism and Social communication. Today she dedicates her time to developing a new technique called SOM (Sound of Movement). She trained with local and international tutors in classical, jazz, folklore and contemporary dance and also musical theatre. She wrote a play inspired by the life of Judy Garland entitled "Muñecas" with original music and choreography and after that was selected by Chet Walker to study with the Interchange Project scholarship in Buenos Aires in 2003. Then she commenced her studies in vocal technique with Roxana Amed. She performed with different bands over the next years, and was also part of the argentine tribute to Janis Joplin in Buenos Aires. In 2008, she was awarded a scholarship by Valeria Lynch and Anibal Pachano to study at the Point Park University in Pittsburgh. She has shared the stage with Julio Bocca, Hernan Piquin, Emanuel Abruzzo (dance) Juan Rodó, Alejandro Ibarra, Lalo Foncea (musical theatre) and in the music scene with Jota Morelli, Miguel Botafogo, Celeste Carballo and Pablo Allende Ferranti. She studied Antique Cimática with the sound-therapist Sergio Toba G. Cejas, the Fedora Aberastury technique with Crisina Suarez and the Feldenkrais Method with Irma Libedinski as well as the Alexander technique. She moved to Switzerland in 2011 and continued her training with Sofia Pollak (Zurich Music Conservatory) and took classes of Gaga dance in Tanzwerk. She ran workshops in Tanzhaus Zurich and performed in different places. She was selected as background vocals for the Swiss musician Mark Sway. She has been living in Malta for five months and currently works as a SOM tutor at La Voix academy, teaches dance at the academy of Brigitte Gauci Borda and has recently joined Masquerade School for the Performing Arts.

This Master Class is open for students aged 10years to adults.  There are a limited number of places available, so please contact us on 7979 3737 or by e-mail on info@masquerademalta.com

There will be no extra charge to students who already attend vocal individual tuition at Masquerade as these masterclasses are part of the programme.  


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