19 September 2017



INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC Class for 3-5 year olds starting this October at Masquerade

The introduction to music class is a great first step for a child to take into the world of music. This class will introduce students to both the theoretical and practical side of music. Students will learn how to play rhythmic music, use their bodies as instruments, play basic percussion instruments, and also be introduced to different branches of instruments such as brass, strings, woodwind and percussion. Furthermore, students will be also introduced to different genres of music and learn the difference between genre and another. They will also be using their voices as we sing fun songs tailored to their age range while at the same time incorporating body movements. To round everything off nicely, they will also be learning basic theory through the entire process; the aim of this being when they finish the year, they will be able to read a basic rhythm, sing songs, and also play some basic instruments as well!

Full details by calling us on 7979 3737 or info@masquerademalta.com

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