02 November 2016

Trinity College London 2017 Examination Sessions announced


Trinity College London examinations are offered in a wide range of programs including Acting and Speaking, Musical Theatre, Performance Arts and Communication Skills resulting in graded exam certificates, performance certificates, and diplomas.  These exams are internationally recognized and fully accredited by the Malta Qualifications Council. 

There will be three examination sessions held during 2017.  These will take place during the following periods:

                  Session 1:  3 APRIL – 13 APRIL

                    Session 2:  18 MAY – 25 MAY

                    Session 3:  25 JUNE – 30 JUNE

Registration Closing Dates for the 2017 sessions will be:

                    Session 1:  13 JANUARY

                    Session 2:  24 FEBRUARY

                    Session 3:  30 MARCH

For further details you can visit Trinity College at www.trinitycollege.com or contact us on 21246619 / 79793737 or via email on trinityc@go.net.mt.

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