Emma Micallef

Emma joined Masquerade at the young age of six, where she discovered her love for the perform- ing arts. In June of 2014, she completed her final year as a student with Masquerade following a 2- Year Musical Theatre course. This earned her a distinction in Grade 8 Musical Theatre with Trinity College London. Today, Emma is a tutor at Masquerade, where she enjoys teaching drama.

Past productions include ‘Rock Nativity’ (Masquerade 2002), ‘A Year and a Day’ (Masquerade 2007), ‘Comedy Tonight’ (Masquerade 2013),‘Little Red Riding Hood and You Know Who’ (Masquerade 2013), ’A - My Name is Alice’ (Masquerade 2014), Merry Poppins (MADC 2014), One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest (Masquerade 2015) and Girls Like That (Masquerade 2016).

 Emma formed part of Teatru Manoel Youth Theatre for three years under the direction of Denise Mulholland. During this time she performed in ‘The Three Sunsets’ (2015), ‘Rubbish’ (2016), and  ‘Shakespeare in Pieces’ (2017) at the Manoel Theatre, as well as ‘CLUB’ (2016) in Edinburgh and  ‘Innota’ (2017) in Denmark.

 More recently, Emma has swapped her onstage roles for backstage ones, taking on the role of ASM in MADC’s ‘Skylight’ (2017) and The Shrinking Violet’s ‘Ernest and the Pale Moon’ (2017). As well as putting her passion for photography to use in the local theatre scene over the past couple of years.

Emma is currently rehearsing to perform in Masquerade’s ‘Brainstorm’ to be staged in the begin- ning of March, and is busy devising a piece of theatre to be performed at Esplora in May with with the ‘Toi Toi Collective’. Emma is also part of the production team of Teatru Malta’s ‘Is-Serra’ and Teatru Manoel’s ‘Baxx Baxx’.

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